About Us

From Nature:   Our ingredients are organically cultivated, wild-harvested and untouched by any harsh chemical extraction process, leaving you with whole-plant healing compounds as nature intended. We know that nature has the best healing ingredients. We never use fillers, only the purest ingredients to aid in the intended purpose of healing, rejuvenation, and protection. All products are vegan with the exception of our balms, which do use beeswax. We live what we love, which is respect, care and concern for our environment.  You can feel good knowing that our products help contribute to the health of you, and the earth.


I am intuitive, creative and nurturing by nature– a true Pisces. 

As a young child, I was always attracted to nature and all things natural. I was deeply influenced by a wonderful naturalist aunt in Port Clyde Maine who taught me how to forage for wild edibles, grow a garden, and use nature to heal. At age 18, after suffering from panic disorder for years, and having modern medicine fail me terribly, I was led back to the roots of my youth to address this problem naturally.  I have been completely free of this “disorder” for many years thanks to my introduction into herbalism studies in 1986, as well as learning proper grounding and meditation techniques. My approach to wellness considers mind, environment and lifestyle. We live in a society filled with toxins, be it in emotions, food, body and household products, or environment. Healing is a holistic journey.

In 1999, I purchased a beautiful farm and began my first adventure in organic gardening of various healing herbs.  I read everything I could find about organic gardening and natural healing. I applied my knowledge to my family and my pets for many years, always choosing to work with nature to find remedies and healthy natural alternatives to address ailments, challenges and simply to support good health. As my gardens grew, each holiday season I would create beautiful batches of healing salves, lotions, and a bounty of organic products to gift for family and friends. Eventually, this grew to friends of friends requesting my products, and through the urging of friends and family, a business was born.

I am strongly opposed to testing on animals. All of my products are cruelty free. I am also an environmentalist. Knowing the damage that plastics are causing our oceans and marine mammals due to the disposal of non-biodegradable plastics, I use environmentally-friendly packaging such as glass and aluminum. I do not use outer-packaging because a low carbon footprint is important to me. All of my products are made-to-order in small batches, to ensure that you have the freshest quality ingredients upon purchase. 

Many of the herbs used in my products are grown on my organic farm, or are sustainably wild-harvested. I believe nature has the cure for all that ails us. I have a great passion for what I do, and I have studied herbalism for 30 years. From my heart to your hands, I place the greatest care in every product I make.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.