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We all know how painful it is to live with acne. Our face is the first thing the world notices. The internet is filled with all sorts of advice and promotion of products. How do you know what to choose? How do you know what advice to listen to? While I understand that Western culture has grown to want to take a pill for an ailment to be done with it, the answer is not a quick magic pill. There is no such thing. If you think there is, stop reading, and move on. Here, I will provide links to studies and real evidence for what can help you. I will present the information in several future blog posts, as there is a lot of information from diet and internal factors, to external factors.

Today, let’s begin with healing your acne from the inside out.

Did you know that in Western societies, acne afflicts 79% to 95% of the adolescent population? It’s certainly not just adolescents who suffer. I experienced acne well beyond that until I found what worked.

Did you know that there are places in the world that don’t have any acne at all? To understand why, researchers studied the stark contrast between their diets and the Western diets*. Anyone who tells you that food choices have nothing to do with acne really doesn’t comprehend immune response beginning in the gut. Yep, our gut. That’s where it begins. The cause of acne has multiple factors, including hormonal, microbiological and immunological mechanisms. Today, we’re talking about the immunological and microbiological. I’m not going to go into a lot of technical jargon. I’ll provide citations at the bottom if you want that. Today, I’m telling you to change your diet. This is where it needs to start. This is where you begin the healing process, because for many, the acne eruption on their face is a direct result of the crap they are putting in their body, and the body is responding by saying; ” What they hell have you done? I need to eliminate these toxins somehow.”

Let’s look at a nation that has NO acne at all; Kitava. Now, the Kitavans have no special genetic makeup. What does set them aside from Westerners though is their diet. It is rich in fresh fruits, root vegetables, and fish. They don’t consume coffee, tea, alcohol, or dairy. It’s called a “low GI diet”, which means it’s low on the Glycemic index (low sugar.) These foods prevent glucose spikes and insulin levels. Those glycemic levels also can sharply increase the hormone “androgen” so now, we’re kind of  getting into the other known cause of acne, HORMONES, because our bodies are these wonderful interconnected vessels and one thing really can seriously impact another. This is why holistic medicine is so awesome. I’m telling you about the root causes of your problem, and where it really begins. Did you know that milk can also give you unwanted additional hormones? So, I’m going to lay out the plan of action to see the quickest results and you need to begin TODAY.

Follow THIS Pyramid

Wait, does this look like it may be too hard?

What I’m laying out here is also the diet that Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady follow. Now, I’m not promising you’ll get supermodel or super-athlete looks, physique and form, I’m just telling you that people who make a living from their looks and performance DON’T eat like most Westerners. I’ve been eating this way for many years and I can attest to having consistent energy, clear skin, and rarely get sick.

Eliminate These

Dairy, coffee, soda, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, canned foods, table salt, and generally anything that is processed or has added sugar and salt. There will never be Doritos, corn chips, Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, Munchos, or anything of the like on any food pyramid.  You know you want to look and feel better, and you know what you need to begin doing today. Try it for one full month, and tell me what you notice in 30 days. One word of caution; the first week WILL be difficult. Your body will go through a detoxification period, but by day 7, you will begin to notice something beautiful taking place.

Add These

To ease the transition, I highly recommend adding the following supplements. These will assist your body in cleansing and balancing your gut. You can find them on the shopping page.

Culturelle Probiotic

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™ Candida Cleanse and Digestion Formula102

Next time

I will post about the toxic food additives in processed foods,  and why they are destroying more than just your skin. Begin with this new eating plan and supplements today because success always begins with one small step. I care. I’m here to help with any questions. I want to see you succeed because when you succeed, when you look and feel better, I have done my job.

Love and peace,


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External sources: Cordain, Lindberg Hurtado et al.: Acne Vilgaris _ A Disease of Western Civilization; Vol. 138 No. 12, December 2002: Archive of Dermatology

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